Evaluating Business Ownership

e1bannerMay we assume you don't want to leave any money on the table when you exit the ownership of your business?

It would be devastating to find out after exiting your business that you agreed to a price that was too low. Some exiting business owners have experienced as much as a 10-30% loss when not using an independent third-party appraisal to protect their value!

Wouldn't you like to avoid prospective Entering acquirers, their accountants, bankers and attorneys trying to get your business at a lower price based only on your financial records prepared for tax purposes?

We can assist a knowledgeable third-party appraiser in "recasting" your tax records to increase your ultimate value. This is a legitimate exercise to which you are entitled.

ABC Primary Business Consultants help you control negotiations by securing an appraisal using all appropriate appraisal formulas, ranges and averages.

This prevents "short cuts" in the process which reduces the probability of "short prices" in negotiations. Knowing the accurate value of your business helps you maintain control of your exit price.

Maintaining believability with Entering acquirers and their advisors is a necessary tool to achieving success.

We must provide accurate information which convinces all parties that the transaction meets the needs of all involved. Our valuation must allow an acquirer to meet their operating expenses, debt service, and leave appropriate amounts for their personal compensation and future capital improvements.

Prospective acquirers have other investment opportunities for their funds.

A professional appraisal will allow them a return on their investment after debt service and management compensation equal to other opportunities available.

Knowledge provides control of negotiations!

If you want more for your business, we must start with believable information from an appropriate third-party business appraiser. This makes your business attractive to an honest acquirer…that's our goal!