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The changes in our economy have created a great time for a career enhancement! If you have been considering a change to get control of your destiny, now is the time to become a Primary Business Consultant in mergers & acquisitions. Your entrepreneurial foresight to investigate an independent affiliate relationship with ABC Advocates Business Consultants, Inc.®, will introduce you to the best career opportunity in the industry. Fasten your seat belt for an exciting ride into your rewarding future.

For over three decades, we have provided merger & acquisition consulting to businesses. In our new economy many companies will restructure through various forms of ownership change. A major accounting magazine published that over two-thirds of the top accounting and business consulting firms in the United States are involved in these profitable activities. Some sources place this annual volume in excess of $400 billion. ABC has developed a specific niche in the portion of the industry responsible for the majority of this activity.

Our affiliates work with businesses who need appraisals, consulting, and help to Evaluate, Enter, Enhance & Exit business ownership. Grateful clients pay our expenses and for our time as we provide these services, as well as success fees upon conclusion of assignments.

We are “Primary Business Consultants” for our clients. We serve their needs from the initiation of their business ownership, through their years of success, and the final rewards of their Exit strategy in an ownership transfer. This provides superior, long term, verifiable, and cost effective consistency in their overall strategy, as well as many enviable sources of regular income for our exclusive affiliates. We serve clients as they:

E1 Evaluate (appraise) businesses

E2 Enter (buy) businesses

E3 Enhance (improve) businesses

E4 Exit (sell) businesses

ABC‘s exclusive trade secrets provide the only complete industry system that trains you in all of the above income sources. You are trained to be much more than just a business broker. We don’t just “sell” businesses, our affiliates are trained to ultimately bring more to the bottom line for clients during ownership, as well as more for retirement when they Exit ownership. Our goal has never been to just have more clients. Our goal is more professional…we do more for and earn more from fewer clients! Our proprietary training includes over fifteen leading-edge books and manuals, computer disks, and other materials necessary to train you as a Primary Business Consultant. You are trained to guide clients through all of the four “E’s” in their total business ownership cycle. This is a superior potential of success for your clients and financial freedom for you as our independent affiliate. As an affiliate of ABC, you are part of a global network that promotes your business around the world. If your dedication can match our training and support, you will also enjoy unusual credibility in the business community. Many of our affiliates were successful in other professions prior to joining ABC. They made this positive change not only for financial stability, but to also enjoy many intangible rewards not available to much of the population.

Do you have a burning desire to be your own boss and earn what you are really worth? If so, read on. The information in our web site will answer your obvious questions regarding our niche in one of America’s best professions. Read every page to learn the benefits of the exclusive ABC concepts.

A career as a Primary Business Consultant in mergers & acquisitions can bring rewards like other top professionals. However, most of the others spent years in college and are still paying on large educational loans to receive training required for their careers. No other university or propriety school offers such ABC quality training in our industry.

This is a truly innovative, proven concept in the industry! Join ABC and be part of the winning team! Consequently, the training available in all of the income sources enjoyed by our affiliates is available exclusively through ABC.

ABC is not a franchise even though you may have a continued independent affiliate relationship with ABC in your exclusive territory. Consequently, we do not require large royalties of your monthly income and large success fees. After your initial training, you simply begin paying a low monthly fee for continued unlimited access to ABC training, support, conferences, an exclusive territory, and all future improvements in the system. This keeps you ahead of competitors and allows you to join forces with others in the ABC affiliate system with whom you can co-op and share. We work successfully together because “none of us are as smart as all of us”!

Bottom line…our success is a result of the success we create for our clients. Our clients are loyal to us because we ultimately put more money in their pocket than they normally receive at any other time in their life. If your desire to serve others is equal to your quest for personal accomplishment and income, Primary Business Consulting may be just for you!

If you identify with the ABC goals for you and your clients, read all of the accompanying information in our website and give me a personal call immediately at 1-877-845-8269! Let’s talk about a great enhancement in your career!

William W. (Bill) Bumstead, President

PS: If you have an interest in a successful profession in the mergers & acquisitions industry, secure one or both of the publications shown here. Buying & Selling Businesses will give you a good overview of the industry. For more information regarding this book, click here. E4 will explain the exclusive successful concepts of ABC Advocates Business Consultants, Inc.® For more information regarding this book, click here.

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Warning: Reading and knowledge alone will not make you successful. It’s the unique skills you develop for delivering this knowledge that makes you successful. You can receive both from ABC!