Consultants William (Bill) Bumstead, MPBC, CBI, BCB, LREB, IBA, BME,MME, IBBA Fellow

bumsteadMr. Bumstead has spent over four decades serving (and training others to serve) entrepreneurs in the Evaluating, Entering, Enhancing and Exiting of business ownership. He is the author of over 15 books and training manuals used in M&A (mergers & acquisitions) and is often used as speaker at conferences and seminars in buying and selling businesses.

His professional accomplishments include two university degrees, service on the boards of directors and president of local, state and national professional associations in M&A, as well as the originator and president of ABC Advocates Business Consultants, Inc.., a national affiliate organization of Primary Business Consultants, serving business sellers and buyers across America.

As a member of the organizing board of directors, he was awarded a life membership in the Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries. The Texas Association of Business Brokers also awarded him a life membership for serving a president and member of the board of directors.

Other industry honors include:

  • MPBC (Master Primary Business Consultant)
  • CBI (Certified Business Intermediary)
  • CBC (Certified Business Consultant)
  • BCB (Board Certified Broker)
  • SBA (Senior Business Analyst)
  • BEC (Business Enhancement Consultant)
  • MEA (Machinery & Equipment Analyst)
  • LREB (Licensed Real Estate Broker)
  • LPI (Licensed Private Investigator)
  • M&A Source (Member)
  • Fellow of the IBBA (International Business Brokers Association) which has also awarded him a life membership.