Entering Business Ownership

e2bannerIn a significant number of instances, serious buyers of businesses never find what they really want in the inventories of Mergers &Acquisition professionals…not even ABC. This doesn’t mean there are not good businesses available, it simply is an indication that the owners of some businesses, who would consider selling, do not have them on the “open” market for a variety of good reasons.

Consequently, we go into the “closed” market to find the businesses which are owned by people who do not want the availability of their business exposed on the open market. This exclusive exercise by ABC is called a Targeted Business Search.

Here are the steps we use in a Targeted Business Search to find the appropriate business(es) for you:

  1. You provide us with the specific, financial, geographic & industry information you desire and the financial ability to make the purchase.
  2. We have the majority of businesses in America in our computers and will design the search criteria for your approval.
  3. We perform the search of all businesses that meet your criteria and share with you the business(es) we find.
  4. From this list of businesses we find who would consider an exit, you choose the ones you want us to secure detailed information to determine your continued interest.
  5. We contact them and share with you information on the businesses who would consider an exit.
  6. You choose the one(s) you want to visit.
  7. You then choose the one on which you desire to make an offer.
  8. You agree to cover our actual expenses in the search…this will not take long. These expenses will be credited against our fee paid by you at the time of purchase. Consequently, your costs are no more than a normal purchase fee which would have been added to the price by the exiting owner anyway.
  9. Once we find the right business(es) for you, we negotiate and represent your interest through the consummation of your purchase.

This type of search relieves you of the concern that you may have otherwise overlooked something better if you had purchased one on the “open” market from the inventory of a M&A Consultant without also searching the “closed” market.