Exiting Business Ownership


A minimum of two initial issues must be accomplished to achieve a successful Exit of your business ownership…not necessarily in this order. The owner(s) must reach a point that a "change" is appropriate for their personal goal(s). The other is that a third-party appraisal justifies the financial achievement that the exit of the business will provide adequate funds to make the goal(s) possible.

Professional partnering with the best Mergers & Acquisitions Consultants available is important to achieve honesty, integrity, courtesy and a sincere concern for the goals of the owner(s). Working with ABC Primary Business Consultants provides a fair and uncompromised advocacy representing only your interests.

What about fair fees? With ABC, you will be assured of fees appropriate for the task(s) you assign to our professionals.

The most successful marketing plan in the industry is available to you! We have been exclusively certified in the 52 Step Marketing Plan that reaches more professionally marched prospective acquirers for your business. Our founder and mentor designed and trained our consultants in this superior, uncompromised, consistent and verifiable marketing plan. This plan is outlined in pages 138-164 in the book Buying and Selling Businesses available through John Wiley & Sons, publishers.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance in exiting your business ownership! In forty years of serving exiting business owners, we've never had a single damaging instance of improper use of business information. Profiles of your information will be properly prepared to protect your identity which will not be shared with prospective acquires until they have executed appropriate confidentiality agreements.

Monitoring the sequence of events in your exit is necessary to achieve the appropriate price in a timely manner. The professional sequence followed by ABC can be found on pages 98-104 in the book E4 Evaluating, Entering, Enhancing & Exiting Privately Owned Businesses, published by Advocates Press.