The Most Successful Formula Ever Developed For Privately Owned Business

free-ebookFor the first time someone has put it all together, anticipating and answering every conceivable question about Evaluating, Entering, Enhancing and Exiting privately owned businesses.

In simple language that everyone can understand, the nation’s leading Primary Business Consultants, tackle the profound problems of business ownership and provide guidelines for guaranteed success.

This is a must read book for every business owner and potential business owner, dispelling the myths of what it takes to be an entrepreneurial success with solid facts and little known secrets that ensure profitability. The authors have in developing the book enlisted and included the opinions and comments of some of the more successful street warriors in the industry.  They provide un-compromising advocacy for entrepreneurs – experience and savvy street-worthy counsel for those who daily deal with the challenges of operating and ultimately receiving their just reward in retirement from a business.

For decades there have been an increasing number of advisories who take their “pound of flesh” from the independent business owner.

Now there are aggressive advocates to protect and guide business owners who give a lifetime of talent and resources to earn a decent return on their investments.

If you do not read another business book this year, read E4  the most informative book of its kind in the marketplace.

Proven Leading-Edge Concepts In Mergers and Acquisitions

The new breed of business owner expects more from the professional who serves him or her. He or she wants more productive professional service coordinated over their entire business ownership experience. This business owner wants to avoid mistakes, to reap greater profits during ownership, and to ultimately enjoy a victorious Exit that will ensure his or her golden years.

The Primary Business Consultant is the professional advocate who provides coaching,  through all four stages of the business ownership cycle known as E4.

Learn How To:

Evaluate businesses for appropriate pricing before consummating a transaction. Enter business ownership through a realistic due-diligence process to meet personal, financial and geographic requirements.

Enhance business performance and profitability for increased rewards during ownership. Exit business ownership with a more secure financial retirement.